Al Fakher shisha flavours

Al-Fakher shisha flavours is premium brand of flavored Molasses manufactured in United Arab Emirates.. We only sell the original Al-Fakher flavours and Fresh up to date packing. Al Fakher hookah flavours are considered one of the best brands in the world with millions of people rely on Al-Fakher which makes it ultimate for better better shisha experience.
Al Fakher Flavours: Double apple, Lemon mint, Gum mint, Kiwi, Grape, Blueberry and many more
Al Fakher molasses Created From sourcing the highest-quality ingredients to investing in the most innovative research and development.
All Our Al Fakher flavours are 100% original and all are imported from United Arab Emirates.

al Fakher molasses

Al Fakher Shisha Flavours Molasses

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